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Course outlines 1 - Interpersonal skills

Working Together

Personal effectiveness & impact

Learn to improve your interactions with the people around you and get noticed for the right reasons, by improving your communication, creating presence and connecting effectively with others. We'll also look at your motivation, time and stress management, and productivity at work. We'll help you to act and feel confident and competent. 


Presenting with confidence

Learn to deliver memorable presentations in a calm and confident way. We'll show you how to create structured content that is easy to follow and keeps the audience’s attention. We'll give you tips on audiovisual aids, on how to stand and breathe, and how to handle audience questions. Practice your skills in groups, with trainer feedback. 


Negotiating and influencing

Learn how to influence, negotiate and manage conflict. We'll start by exploring the impact of your most comfortable working style. Then we'll teach you to prepare for and execute a negotiation, and manage it if things go wrong. And we'll practise how to handle difficult people and conflict situations effectively.


Networking for career success

Learn to relax and feel at ease with people at networking events. We'll start by exploring what a strong network looks like and its benefits. We'll analyse your current network and plan to strengthen it. We'll look at effective communication while networking, talk about what makes you feel uncomfortable and build your confidence.


Conflict management

Learn how to manage conflict situations better, including handling difficult people. We'll explore common causes of conflict and how to recognise a conflict early on. Then we'll practise ways to de-escalate a heated situation, how to control your own emotions and how to manage the aftermath of a conflict.


Management and leadership

Learn the difference between managing and leading people and why it matters. Discuss the qualities of great managers / leaders, explore different styles and understand when to best use them. Practise handling a range of scenarios with peer and trainer feedback, to build a personalised development plan.


Team building 

Spend time working with your colleagues to ensure your team is performing the best it can. Participate in fun, high energy exercises to understand the team's dynamics and how you personally add value, and identify the team's strengths and weaknesses. [Content varies widely depending on the team's needs]   

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