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One-to-one tailored support

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Build your skills and confidence

Would you like a boost in confidence or some practical help with an area of your work? Are you struggling with a difficult person at work? Would you like to build a particular skill? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, one-to-one coaching could be for you. 

Before you commit to any coaching session or programme, we discuss what you hope to gain from it and how we can achieve those aims. We are happy to deliver one-off sessions or longer term coaching programmes, to best suit you.

Build your career

Are you looking for a promotion at work? Want people to notice you and your achievements? Want to get more from your job? Do you fancy a change of career? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, we can help you.

We can provide assistance with career planning, job applications and promotion opportunities, including:

  • Improving CVs, application forms and cover letters 

  • Preparing for assessment centres, presentations and interviews

  • Coaching to help you network, influence and get more from your job

Contact us for a free discussion about how our coaching services can benefit you

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