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Training courses

A range of highly interactive courses to build essential work and life skills

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We deliver courses to specialist teams, including PhD and postdoctoral researchers, to develop your skills, competence and confidence.

Interpersonal skills courses include:

Personal effectiveness & impact

Presenting with confidence

Negotiating & influencing

Networking for career success

Conflict management

Management and Leadership

Team building

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Specialist & technical skills courses include:

Career development 

Policy making for researchers

Problem solving and critical thinking

Project management

Change management

Contract management and procurement

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Bespoke courses & team building

Designed for specific teams and groups

We work closely with you to tailor our courses. We take time to understand your business and to make sure the course content is practical and relevant to the delegates.

When we design the course, we aim to create realistic scenarios that delegates will recognise. We often get delegate input before the course, for example by way of an e-survey, which shapes the course content. As well as careful planning, our trainers are confident enough to vary course content on the day of the training in response to the needs of the delegates. 


Our courses are very interactive and practical. To allow time for individual help and discussion our class sizes are normally 10-12 people per tutor, though we can also run sessions for larger groups.

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Tailor's Tools

Flexible delivery

Meeting diverse needs

We work with a wide range of companies, public- and third sector organisations and universities. We deliver mainly across the UK and Europe.


We're mindful that many people work remotely for at least some days a week. As well as face to face workshops, we also offer online or hybrid courses. We adapt the content and timing of our courses to fit the delivery medium, mindful that people's concentration span is reduced for online delivery.


We have an online learning platform for delegates to access training materials, submit course work, download guidance and liaise with the course trainer. 

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