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Frequently Asked Questions

Who attends your courses?
We often train groups of technical or professional specialists e.g. university researchers, industry scientists and engineers, or business support functions such as project managers, Finance, HR, Procurement and IT. But we can tailor the courses for anyone.

What makes your courses different?
Quercus Training prides itself on courses which are enjoyable, informative and packed with practical tips and techniques. Each course is tailored to your sector / business need, with realistic and relevant scenarios for exercises. Our courses are taught by trainers with recent, relevant experience. Our courses also provide better value for money than many others.

Where and how do you provide training & coaching?
Although based in the UK, we work across Europe and beyond, providing training and coaching either face-to-face or increasingly, online. At the start of the project we discuss your requirements and agree which method is most effective. For face-to-face training we travel to your offices or an agreed conferencing / hotel venue. For face-to-face coaching we meet at a mutually convenient venue.

Do you only train groups or teams?
Quercus Training courses are designed for groups because delegates feed back that they benefit the most from group interactions and it helps to ensure good value for money. However, if you are interested in one-to-one coaching then we can also provide this.

I can't see the course I want on your list
Quercus Training is happy to create new courses on request, where we have the experience and knowledge to deliver it. We have created many bespoke courses that are not listed on this website, in response to meet particular client needs. For further information please contact us.

How much does it cost?
Quercus Training provides good value for money because unlike many training providers, we charge for the trainer’s time and not per course participant. We cost each course individually, depending on the amount of new and bespoke material required. Coaching rates vary from £100 to £200 an hour, depending on your career level and requirements. For further information please contact us

Will I need to do work outside the course?
We sometimes ask delegates to do some pre-work before our courses, such as reading a short briefing, answering a few questions or reflecting on your experiences. Pre-work is usual before online facilitated courses. After a course we do not usually set work, but we do expect you to put your new learning and ideas into practice.

Will I get a certificate at the end?

We can provide certificates on request from the client or delegates. Please contact us one week before the course to ensure that your certificate is ready for you at the end of the training day(s).

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